When to Call a Pediatricians in Charlotte


For parents of newborns worry seems like a permanent condition. It could be their diet, their sleep patterns or their overall health. Some babies seem more active than other. Some babies seem to lead a fairly healthy life, while some may be sickly. A doctor often seems to be our best friend and on a speed dial.

But when should we call pediatricians in Charlotte? Do we need help for simple worries or is your child’s condition not so simple? Occasional illnesses are actually quite fine. Remember, your babies immune system is getting strengthened as he/she faces these illnesses, pathogens and conditions. But there are some symptoms that you must watch out for. These are:

Fever: For babies younger than 3 months, a fever means that you must call the pediatrician immediately. The only exception here is in the case of certain vaccines, in which case you will be warned about it at the time of vaccination. For babies older than 3 months, a fever above 102 degree F means you must visit your doctor. Call the doctor if a fever is accompanied with vomiting and diarrhea or if it persists beyond three days.

Vomiting: Almost all babies spit up. In fact, many will do this after a feed or burp. This is quite normal. But if the baby spits up with force, is throwing up all liquids he/she is fed, call the doctor. A greenish-yellow vomit, repeated vomiting, any blood in the vomit are all emergency signs.

Coughing: Again, some coughing is normal and is not even an indication of cold. But constant coughing, wheezing, a hacking cough are sings that you need to go to the doctor. Any signs that the child has difficulty breathing is also a danger sign.

Change in appetite & behavior: If the baby refuses many feedings or if the baby is unusually inactive and listless, crying in an inconsolable manner, call the doctor.

Diarrhea: Any loose watery motions should be called in, if only for your own satisfaction! But the really danger signs are poop that resemble current jelly or bloody stools.

Cold: This is a really common condition in both babies and adults. Call the doctor is you feel that the baby has trouble breathing, an ear pain, persistent runny nose or cold.

Rash: Tiny red rash with fever could be meningitis. But not every rash is alarming. Call the doctor if the rash is accompanied with fever, cough or any trouble in passing stools.

While these are the emergency signs, when it comes to your baby, trust your instincts. Call a pediatrician in Charlotte if you find something alarming. It is better to err on the side of caution!

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