Types of knee replacement surgeries


If one is suffering from knee pains and arthritis then there should be proper treatment for that. Which kind of surgery one should go for depends on a lot of factors like the anatomy of the patient, their age, general health and lifestyle preferences.

Is knee replacement surgery successful and to what extent it is successful can be told to a patient only by the surgeon who performs these kinds of surgeries on a regular basis. But there are different types of knee replacement surgeries. Here is a clear idea of the,

Total Knee Replacement Surgery or the Total Knee Arthroplasty

The patients who has severe knee arthritis and who are no longer responding to the other kind of pain relief therapies can consider this type of knee surgery. In this type of surgery the surgeon needs to cut the ends of the tibia or shin bone and the femur or the thigh bone which got damaged due to arthritis. Then they are caped together with prostheses. The prosthetic pieces are mainly made from durable plastics or metals. These new surfaces are smooth and they move easily against each other. As a result, they both create a functional knee joint. But after surgery it may take a couple of months to get fully recovered. When total knee replacement surgery is done, it gives the patient a lot of relief from pain and a functional knee joint. But yes, this replaced knee is artificial and so they are not as strong as the real knee joint. Also they are not as durable as the healthy, original knee. So, after the surgery is done, the patients are not advised to do some heavy work like running or jogging which can tear up the new joint.

Partial Knee Replacement Surgery or the Unicompartmental Knee Arthroplasty

Here, in this kind of surgery one of the three major compartments of the knee gets replaced. The three compartments are the medial one known as the inner knee, the lateral one called the outer knee and the patellofemoral one known as the front knee. This one typically treats the damaged portion or the compartment of the knee. One can go for this surgery if they have partial knee stiffness or some ligament damage due to some accident or inflammatory arthritis. This one is less invasive and is also less painful as compared to the total knee replacement surgery.

Knee Osteotomy or the Tibia Osteotomy or the Femoral Osteotomy

It is mostly done on the people who are younger than 60 years and are physically active. May be they are suffering from partial knee joint problems or some unilateral knee arthritis and they need this kind of surgery. In case of knee osteotomy, the surgeon cuts the femur or the thigh bone and then roves the wedge of the affected bone. Then they add a small wedge of natural bone graft in that.

What kind of surgery should one choose completely depends on the type of knee joint problem they are having.

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