Tuberculosis (TB) infection: A major block in obtaining visa

In order to obtain visa medical report in Abu Dhabi, there has to be certain health examinations. There’re three parts of immigration medical examinations namely; medical history and physical, urine and blood tests and chest X-Ray.

The physician is likely to conduct physical examination by checking height, weight, mental state, hearing and vision of the applicant. Other types of physical assessment involve monitoring pulse rate, lungs, checking reflexes, feeling the abdomen, strength and nervous system functionality.

Although applicants are assessed individually, adolescents under the age of 19 years are required to arrive at the medical facility with a parent, guardian and an interpreter that may be required especially if speaking a foreign language.

Among the many different types of diseases that may hamper your way to qualify visa medical report in Abu Dhabi, tuberculosis (TB) is most common yet dangerous. Let’s have a deeper look into it for clarity!

Classification of Sleeping Tuberculosis

Tuberculosis (TB) is indeed a serious disease but curable. TB incidences has doubled during the last three years with three-quarters of the cases occur in individuals living outside of the UK. Like cancer and kidney stones, TB bacteria can stay dormant inside the body for several years, causing no harm, infection or symptom. This is known as latent TB or sleeping TB!

Most of the cases that have been registered indicated reactivation of the dormant TB thereby causing infection within one’s own body and pose certain threat to others as well. It must be noted that people with dormant TB infection don’t feel sick and show no sign of illness whatsoever. The only risk is triggering the cells that would eventually start causing infection!

Specimen for sleeping TB & treatment

The progress from sleeping to active tuberculosis is considerably higher in individuals belonging to a specific high risk population. One can be at risk of sleeping TB if;

  • Living in a high-risk country for more than six months
  • Risk of HIV infection
  • Prolonged close contact with a TB specimen such as living in the same room, using the same kitchenware so on
  • Activation of anti-Tumour Necrosis Factor (TNF) treatment
  • Receiving dialysis, an organ or hematologic transplantation
  • Silicosis
  • Chain smoking
  • Illicit drug user and alcohol, substance abuse

Although sleeping TB occurs usually in adults above the age of 35 years, examination for visa medical report in Abu Dhabi tests in individuals of all ages.

The service offers a range of tests for all arriving in the UAE from places with a high-rate of tuberculosis. The type of test depends on age and many other factors. All those with positive test results are offered immediate treatment so as to subdue the infection from spreading.

Have you been tested during initial application?

Chest X-Ray is commonly conducted as part of the visa application however it can only identify active tuberculosis and not dormant cells. A blood sample test from the skin which is usually free and apart from other TB tests is performed to detect sleeping tuberculosis.


So if you’re expecting visa medical report in Abu Dhabi, do have yourself checked for sleeping TB as well.

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