Treating Keloids at Home

Keloidal scars or keloids are overgrown tissues which form over scars on the skin.  Some scars only regenerate over the boundary of the wound, but keloidal scars do not follow the same. The active protein helps repair the wounds, collagen is found in the keloids. When injuries occur on the skin, collagen acts over the wounds to repair the skin. This overgrowth of the granulation tissue is what causes keloids. We will let you know here that How to get rid of Keloidal scars can come back even after them being surgically removed. They are more seen in people with dark skin. However, light-colored skin can also develop keloids. Usually, those who suffer from this disease move to the dermatologist and gets the ointments as well as medicines to control them and cure. However, being a stubborn disease, it is not easy to cure it in a sitting or two and hence one may have to bear a load of costly treatments as well as the pain. To counter this disease, it is better to go for the home remedies which doubtlessly take some time to cure but can help to cure the same from roots and hence get relief from this painful condition forever.

Keloids – causes and prevention

The causes of keloidal scars can be any type of skin trauma like burns, cuts, surgical incisions, body piercings and the like. Keloidal scars are not a health concern; it is a cosmetic concern. To prevent keloidal scars, one must not indulge in body piercings. These are the sites where keloidal scars take place. Eating a proper diet and maintaining fatty acid intake will help to ensure that the collagen levels in your body are in the balance. Even continuous shaving over the razor bumps on your skin can cause keloids. One should also never try to pop a keloidal bump, which can also lead to further damage the skin.

Keloids – natural remedies

Applying exfoliators like baking soda, aspirin and water paste will help to stop the dead cell accumulation. Keeping the aspirin and water paste, or sandalwood and rosewater paste overnight will help to exfoliate the dead cells out. Using petroleum jelly helps keep the keloids hydrated and moisturized because of its occlusive properties. Using honey helps keep the skin moisturized too, as honey is a natural humectant. Onion juice aids keloids via many mechanisms. Grapefruit seed extract and apple cider vinegar are also helpful – massaging them over gently over the affected region till absorption. Aloe Vera gel is an effective soothing agent since keloids can become itchy and irritable due to friction.

Another beneficial remedy for keloids is the usage of different kinds of oils. Essential oils mixed with carrier oils. Oils like tea tree, jojoba, rosehip seed, neem, Jamaican black castor, frankincense and virgin coconut oil help bring in the perfect balance for your skin. These oils hydrate, moisturize, nourish the skin with fatty acids. These oils have helped the skin to rejuvenate, regenerate and heal with their antioxidant properties.

Keloids take time to lighten. Using these home remedies on a daily basis will show faster results.


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