Treat your Brain Tumour Problems Carefully

Brain is the most important organ of the body. This is actually a spongy tissue that controls all the complicated and complex actions of a living being and for humans the actions include speaking, learning, moving, thinking and controlling the emotions.

This is a soft tissue and so when there is a malignant cell growth there it invades the surrounding healthy brain tissues quickly. Though there has been a lot of advancement in technology and medical science; most of the therapeutic strategies remain unsuccessful. One can check the brain tumour surgery cost in India and then check whether the patient has to undergo a surgery or go through a radiation treatment. It is said that the patients who go for chemotherapy for brain tumours can have an extended life expectancy.

The primary tool of preventing brain tumours is within human control and that is the way of living. But that does not mean that one will never face this brain tumour malignancy. But yes; a healthy lifestyle can always lower the risk of it.

Here are a few things that one can do in order to reduce the chance of suffering from this complicated disease.


One has to receive some adequate amounts of sleep so that the brain can get proper rest. This is a detoxifying pathway and due to this the body system can remove the toxic waste that can naturally accumulate during the day. This system is particularly very active at night and it can provide the mitochondria in the brain and it gets the chance to flush out the toxins by using the cerebrospinal fluid.

If one faces sleep deprivation then it can hinder the natural process of glymphatic system and so it affects the cognitive function of the body. When a patient is critical and is undergoing chemotherapy, a proper sleep allows the cell to repair the damage and then restore the tissues. Sleep deprivation in these cases can also increase the symptoms associated with chemo brains. Drugs and chemotherapy also alters the cognitive functions of the patients. This results into brain fog and this happens due to toxic compounds destroying neural pathways and healthy brain cells.

Breathe in Essential Oil

This is actually a practice of stress reduction. One can also indulge into things like breathing exercises, yoga and meditation which in turn can reduce stress. If one smells essential oil while doing these activities it can alleviate the inflammation in the brain. This also makes the fluid accumulation normal in the brain and the patient faces fewer brain damages. Essential oils also help in relieving pains and inflammation by improving blood circulation and inhibiting damage to the hippocampus with memory and learning.

Oxygen Therapy

If one receives an oxygen therapy at a very young age then it can reduce the chance of having brain cancer. This oxygen therapy can improve the cognitive function of brain tumours. As a result of this therapy, there can be improved oxygen circulation in the brain and it heals the neural tissues.

So one needs to go for these therapies for healing.

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