Things To Know Before Getting A Bone Marrow Transplant


If you are in need of a Bone Marrow Transplant in India there are some points that you need to consider before getting the treatment. In recent times bone marrow transplants are quite successful in India and the industry has progressed a lot.

Why Do You Need The Treatment

India is one of the countries of the world that is best in some of the most complex medical treatments including bone marrow surgeries. The need for the treatment arises when the existing bone marrow gets damaged by disease, infections or during chemotherapy or during some other ailment. The treatment basically includes transplanting the healthy bone marrow or blood stem cells into the patient’s body. Once transplanted the autonomous processes of the body will help the stem cells to generate new bone marrow and blood cells that can increase exponentially.

Autologous Bone Marrow Transplant

One of the ways to treat this deficiency is to collect the healthy bone marrow cells from the patient’s body itself and then transplant the ineffective bone marrow with the healthy ones.  This is a reliable method of treatment as it reduces the chances of genetic mismatch and ensures the fitness of the new bone marrow within the patient’s body. This procedure however is not possible if there are no feasible healthy bone marrow tissues left in the patient. Then we have to adopt the other method

Allogenic Bone Marrow Transplant

In the other method, the bone marrow is collected from a donor. The collected healthy bone marrow is then transplanted to the patient if there is a genetic match of the donor and the patient. This method is obviously lengthy and difficult because of the difficulty in finding a donor and establishing a genetic match

Both the methods are based on the source of the healthy bone marrow used to transplant. In one method it is collected from the patient and in the other, it is collected from the donor. Everything else being the same.

The Treatment Procedure

Before starting the transplantation the patient is medicated to prepare for the operation. The immune system of the patient is deactivated through pills prior to the BMT procedures to avoid any rejection or side- effects of the transplanted cells.

Get Emotional And Psychological Support

To choose a hospital look for the hospitals that have JCI/NABH accreditations. These certificates are a clear indication of the standards that must be followed in such operations. These hospitals are experts in handling bone marrow transplants and have an excellent patient care approach and towards hygiene.

Also, before the operation look for the availability of a counsellor who can help in going through a difficult phase after the operation. There are many psychologists out there who can assist you in handling traumas, physical injuries, recovering from serious illness. Such supports are also advised to cancer patients. Also you might look for a residence near the hospital to avoid any unnecessary traveling chores as this is a lengthy treatment procedure.

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