How to take care of Liver?


The liver is one of the most important organs of the human body. It produces an alkaline liquid called bile, which helps in metabolism by breaking down the nutrients which are then absorbed by then body. It is an organ found in all vertebrates, and is the core of digestive system. The organ being so vital also requires much care and attention. Over eating puts pressure on the liver, thereby leading to its malfunctioning. Also diseases such as jaundice directly affect the liver thereby weakening the digestive system, and the immune system in the long run. Over consumption of alcohol can damage the liver completely.

care of Liver

Liver must be protected to stay healthy overall. We can do it by sticking to a routine and healthy diet and by maintaining a healthy lifestyle. We must include more of green vegetables, juices, fruits and salads in our diet. Other important dietary nutrients include foods rich in calcium, vitamin, protein, and minerals. But over consumption of protein may not be good since protein rich foods are difficult to digest, hence it puts pressure on the liver. Now a days, liver diseases have become prominent due to the consumption of fast foods and toxic substances thereby leading to an increase in diseases of the digestive system. Symptoms of liver disease can be swelling of abdomen, abdominal pain with fatigue, nausea, vomiting and itching of skin. Liver diseases when severe enough may require transplantation. Diseases such as jaundice, Hepatitis C, cirrhosis of liver, may require the liver to be transplanted. Liver breaks down the fats and produces energy, So, if the liver gets damaged, it can no longer continue its normal functioning, therefore bile will not be released, which will affect metabolism. Human beings cannot survive without liver. It is such a vital organ of our body without which the entire digestive system has no meaning.

Why Liver transplant is required

Liver has its own ability to repair itself, but repeated injury may lead to its complete damage, and then transplantation becomes a mandate., since as also said earlier, liver is one of the most vital organ of the human body and the human body cannot survive without it. There are a number of hospitals which are known for liver transplantation and comes under the category of Best Liver transplant Specialist in India.  Transplantation is also required when a patient no longer responds to the other medication or treatment. The process of liver transplantation is both time consuming and costly. But now with the advancement of medical science in India, liver transplantation has become much cheaper. People from many countries now choose India for this treatment and also other treatments. So, that’s good news for us that India has advanced well in terms of medical facilities and the availability of medicines. Liver transplantation saves the lives of large number of people, who otherwise would have met a gradual death. The Govt is also taking steps to make organ receiving and donating easier, which can also prevent illegal organ trading, which is a criminal offence.

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