Reasons to count the kicks of your baby

The whole new thing about pregnancy is when you do feel the movement of babies kicks from the inside. A pregnancy kick counter would be of immense help at this point of time.  The process starts off with a few flutters which begin with what you really feel like and goes on to increase in the form of painful kicks that is pretty hard to ignore. For a lot of women it is rated to be a favourite pastime and this is something that they are going to miss once the pregnancy is done and dusted.

When the question of baby kicks arises the first thing that might strike you is how you are feeling about them. How it is going to hurt when the baby does become bigger and when is the time where our near or dear ones could feel the movements from the outside as well. You need to understand the fact that it has an important purpose rather than sharing with your friends or relatives, the overall make up of your child’s health is determined as well.

Medical experts are of the view that counting kicks of the baby is not a bad hobby at all. This is all the more if you are suffering from a high risk pregnancy or a condition to be dealt with. 10 kicks is the ideal way to figure out where you stand and within a couple of hours when 10 movements are felt this is the situation where you need to get in touch with a doctor. Let us now understand why counting kicks during pregnancy are important.

It does help you to connect with the baby in a better way

The general notion is that the feeling of bonding does not emerge till the baby is in your arms. This is not the case as you can bond when the baby is pregnant and the kicks are rated to be one of them. It works to be a better way where your older children can bond with the baby. When you count the kicks it does make it a lot real.

You know your child much better

Just as babies have waking and sleeping patterns the same manner they are known to possess movement and kicks. You are indeed aware of what is unique to your child. Coupled with the fact you get a fair idea about the personality mimics when they make an entry into this world.

Deal with medical issues

When you are taking a keen interest in counting the kicks of your baby you are focussing on your child’s development. Any potential causes of worry can be detected before it goes on to become a major cause of concern. When changes in fetal movements are observed in the last stages of pregnancy it might indicate a cause of concern.

With modern technology making waves it is quiet easy to keep a track of the kicks of a baby. A pen and a paper would be handy.

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