How to Prevent infestation of bed bugs in your home?


Bed bugs are the tiny parasitic blood-sucking insects with rapid reproduction rate.  They need blood every five to ten days. Yet, this duration can extend from several months to a year. They can still survive longer duration even in the complete absence of nutrition. As they feed on the blood of human and animals, they live in small cracks and crevices close to the human environment. Beds, couches, chairs, sofas and cupboards are their favorite places to hide. You can have found them in folded areas and corners of mattresses, pillows and cushions. But, they can also hide and shelter at places that maintain optimum temperature they need for living.

These weird characteristics made it difficult to eliminate them completely. This is why pest experts have recommended preventing the entry of these irritating pests in house.

Here I am sharing few of the proven ways form the experts to learn how to prevent bed bugs from finding a way to your home.

Use quality mattress casings

Purchase large zipper casings to enclose the whole mattress. Using these safe covers will help you to protect expensive mattresses from bugs. Always purchase casings made from high quality and durable fabric, which is resistant to tears, shrinkage and folds. Good fabric doesn’t fold around the zipper and eliminates shelter spots for the bugs.

Seal power outlets

Power outlets or plug portals are found everywhere in a house. All rooms have switchboards and power outlets. The tiny holes in power outlets are best places to hide, bug hide there unless it is safe to come outside. If you are not using it, cover them with the plastic cover. Don’t leave them open

Use vacuum sealed bags for clothing

Everyone has seasonal clothing and accessories like sweaters, jackets, scarves, mufflers and gloves. If you store yours in the suitcase or cupboard without wrapping them in a protective casing, they can become the shelter for bed bugs. You can avoid this putting them in vacuum sealed bags. Don’t forget to remove the air from bags with the help of vacuum cleaner hose. This is the best way to prevent invasion of bugs and protect knitted items and blankets for future use.

Vacuum floors and surfaces regularly

These nightmarish pests are found everywhere across the home including floors, under the furniture, bed and mattresses. Vacuuming can control the further spread and don’t let them invade the whole house. Vacuuming floors, mattresses, carpets, and wall corners, especially at the edges where floor and wall meet is an effective way to stop further spread. Don’t forget to empty vacuum bag in a sealed trash bag and dispose of in an outdoor garbage can. This simple activity will stop them getting back into your home.

Keep monitoring and cleaning pet bed

Though bed bugs love feeding on human blood, they also like the blood of pets like dogs, cats and other pets. If you have pets, then don’t forget to check pet beds and rugs on which they are sleeping. Regularly wash and dry these rugs and beds with highest temperatures.

Watch out in public places

This parasitic pest is also found in public places. Dressing room or trial room is an ideal place for them. They stick with the clothes and personal belongings of people using them.  They hide in the cushioned seats or live on the carpeted floors.  The best way to avoid carrying these annoying bugs to your home is to hang your dress and bag on the wall hooks instead of cushioned furniture.

Endnote: Despite effective treatments are available to eliminate these blood eating insects, domestic consumers should learn how to prevent bed bugs to tackle them on initial stages.

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