Hair oil and its benefits

This goes without saying that when it comes to the choice of hair oil, there are plenty of options to choose from. One has to choose their hair oil depending on their type of hair and also depending on their body conditions.

If one wants some Ayurvedic oil for hair re growth then one needs to be very careful when they are choosing their hair oil. It needs to match the hair type so that one can get the best benefits from it.

Types of hair oil that matches with the type of dosha

When one has the Vata type of hair then it is a good idea to pick the sesame oil along with the almond oil. This oil can provide the right amount of nutrition to the scalp and also reduces the stiffness of it. If one has Pitta type of hair then they should go for the coconut oil. They are mainly said to pacify the pitta. One can also help to retard the hair problems that are related with the aggravation of Pitta. If one has Kapha hair then one can go for a mixture of olive oil and sesame oil. They have some purifying properties which can help in keeping the scalp pores in so that nutrition can be poured inside.

Apart from using the right hair oil one also needs to know when to apply hair oil and how to massage them. The best time to apply hair oil is in the evening. It is said that the Vata dosha mainly dominates in the evening time and so if a person applies some sesame oil in the evening then it can cool down the Vata dosha. One can again apply some coconut oil in the morning because then can enhance both the Kapha and the Vata dosha.

In order to improve the quality of the hair and also to promote hair growth one can apply oil at night and then the next morning one should use some lykewarm water and a mild shampoo to wash them off. If one applies hair oil at a regular interval, then it can prevent early greying of hair oil and split ends formation. One should not apply hair oil post bathing as it can attract more pollution and dust there. For effective hair growth one can apply hair oil to the roots and scalp and also through the length of the hair.

If one needs to use herbal hair oil for hair fall then here are some options:

Sesame Oil

This is mainly used as a base oil and one can use it as a massage oil according to Ayurveda.  This can be also used to release stress, prevent dandruff and early greying of hair. One can also get sound sleep by massaging the hair oil in the evening.

Almond Oil

This is full of Vitamin E and so it can be great for hair massage. This can also provide some shine and lustre to the hair.

Ayurvedic oils can thus be very good for hair treatment.

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