A Guide to Eye Freckles: Causes & Treatment

Some individuals have a tiny spot on the eye since childhood which eventually turns out to be an eye freckle during check-up. A spot or freckle in the eye may seem awkward but it’s mostly harmless and common among many. In case you happen to have one, might as well have it checked by the doctor every now and then.

Although rare, a particularly harmless looking freckle may turn into melanoma which is cancer of the eye. While many opt for cosmetic eye surgery in Dubai for beautification, the procedure at times can actually save you from certain dangerous eye diseases that may arise later.

About freckles

There’re two known types of eye freckles. One’s called a nevus in medical terminology which is identical to moles on the skin whereas “nevus” in actual refers to a “mole”. Some of these nevi (plural of “nevus”) are easily spotted whereas others are hidden in the back of the eye.

Only an eye doctor is able to spot them either from certain symptoms or special apparatus and may suggest cosmetic eye surgery in Dubai. These nevi are identified through different names depending on their location;

  • Conjunctival nevus: On the surface of the eye
  • Iris nevus: They’re found in the coloured/shaded part of the eye and;
  • Choroidal nevus: Found under the retina (in the back of the eye)

Pigmentation of the nevi

Nevi can be of any colour such as yellow, brown, grey or even a combination. They’re made of special cells known as melanocytes which gives our skin and eyes their respective colour. The cells are usually spread throughout the body but some may cluster together thereby forming a nevus.

Another form or eye freckles known as the iris freckles are tiny flecks within the shaded part of the eye. They’re more like freckles on the skin than moles, found mostly on the eye surface without affecting its shape. A medical research concluded that more than half the Earth’s human population have iris freckles.

Some of the nevi types are formed during birth but iris freckles usually show up in older adults. Parents may prefer undergoing cosmetic eye surgery in Dubai or at anyplace for the treatment of nevi during the child’s youth however only after doctor’s consent.

Causes of eye freckles

Genetics are mostly responsible for the formation of eye freckles however; doctors also outlined other reasons such as;

  • Race: Choroidal nevi which forms in the back of the eye are more common among the white people than in black.
  • Exposure to sunlight: Excess exposure to the sunlight heighten the chances of getting nevi and there’re also reported cases of iris freckles caused due to sunrays. A recent study concluded that people who tend spending more time outside in the sunlight had more iris freckles.

Treatment: Is it necessary?

Most of the eye freckles are harmless and don’t require treatment such as moles and freckles on the human skin. They’re unlikely to affect the vision or cause any problems however one may opt for cosmetic eye surgery only after clinical consent.


The only reason for must-have treatment of the eye freckle is when there’s a risk of it being transformed into a melanoma at any stage.

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