Facts about Meningioma


A tumour that arises around the brain goes by the name of meningioma. It is found near the region of the spinal cord. It tends to emerge at a slow pace and in most cases it does not lead to cancer. One thing is for sure that malignant tumours are rarer. This disease could touch upon someone between the age gaps of 30 years to 70 years. It is very rare in children and middle aged women are more prone to it when you compare it to men. It has been observed that some of them are classified in the in between types as well. It has to be mentioned that meningioma does not require any immediate form of treatment as well. In fact it needs to be monitored over a certain period of time.

As far as the signs along with the symptoms are concerned it could be pretty much subtle at first. It all boils down to the fact where the brain or spine is located and then the symptoms of signs begin to appear.

  • You tend to face problems in vision such as blurred or double vision
  • Headaches that continues to increase over a period of time
  • Seizures
  • Failure to smell
  • Weakness in your legs or arms

It is pretty much certain that sometimes you would need to visit a doctor. This is when the symptoms or signs increase slowly over a period of time. But in certain cases it does require emergency intervention. Examples would be a sudden advent of seizures or some sudden changes that is felt in your memory. Do pay a visit to your doctor if the symptoms tend to worsen over a period of time as well.

In terms of diagnosis you tend to start off with MRI scans that goes on to provide detailed images of the brain. On the other side of the coin CT scan is done in order to determine whether there is any form of bone involvement or not. Depending on the location or the size of the tumour the treatment plan is suggested. Surgery, radiation and observation are the most common types of treatment.

The main treatment for meningioma is surgical resection and this has been existent for a couple of years till now. If it is possible to resurrect them and it works out to be benign, then timely cure can be assured. You can easily go on to remove the tumours and they rarely return back. After radiosurgery most of the medical centres have gone on to report higher success rates. One thing is for sure that radiation therapy could stop the incidence of tumours. If patients have other symptoms such as headaches or dizziness this is going to gradually fade away once surgery is over.

Meningioma treatment in India is the best as some qualified surgeons are at work. They are affiliated to some of the top hospitals in the country. Their success rate is on the higher side with fewer complications as well.

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