Different Types of Chicken Pakora for Rainy Evening


When it is drizzling outside or there are cats and dogs, a bowl, full of chicken pakora with your favourite sauce or chutney can set the mood. While you are looking for some snacks which are equally healthy and tasty, this is the one you can prepare to please your family and friends. If you are arranging a party at your house, there must be something at starter. You can try different types of chicken pakoras for your invitees. Here are certain types of pakora that can make you go crazy over them. Read on to know more-

  1. Classic Style Chicken Pakora

This is available at several restaurants and you can also prepare it at home without any fuss. And the ingredients you need to make this pakora are easily available. When you bite the juicy chicken and the outside crunch burst inside your mouth, it feels heavenly!

  1. Chicken Pakora with Curry Leaves

Do you want to have a twist on your regular chicken pakora? How about adding curry leaves in it? The aroma of curry leaves with juicy chicken relaxes your taste buds. If you want to go on the unique lane, serve your guest with this special delicacy.

  1. Chicken Pakora in Andhra Style

South Indian preparation of chicken is completely different than any other states. It has lots of spices, coconuts, mustards, etc. With all these ingredients this pakora burst with an aroma that will make you love this pakora anytime. Whether it is a rainy evening or wintry night, this pakora will set your mood.

  1. Chinese Chicken Pakora

You are fond of Chinese dishes, like chili chicken or Manchurian Chicken. It is time to try something new. How about having a Chinese twist in normal chicken pakora? Yes, with lots of Chinese sauces, like oyster sauce, fish sauce, etc. this pakora tastes completely different.

  1. Hawaiian Chicken Pakora

It is another style of chicken pakora that is really sumptuous. In other types of pakora, the chicken cubes are coated in batter and deep-fried. But, here they are shallow fried and served with lots of pineapple cubes. This is really exclusive and lip-smacking.

  1. Minced Chicken Pakora

It looks like a chicken cutlet. In chicken cutlet, chicken breast is used, while in this type of pakora, minced chicken is used. Preparing it is quite easy as you just need to mix all ingredients with minced chicken and deep fry. Serve it with coriander chutney. It is really hot and spicy.

  1. Honey Mustard Chicken Pakora

Do you prefer a sweet and sour taste in chicken pakora? Try this one. While the honey gives sweetness to this pakora, the mustard is there for the tang. How does it taste? Try it and know yourself.

These are only a few types of pakoras. There are even more recipes that will be the celebration of your taste buds. Go ahead and prepare anything for your family and friends. They will love it and won’t take much time to make the plate empty. Be ready to make some more!

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