Description of Peptides


Peptides are of eloquent value in the field of chemistry. Before stepping in to the detail significance of peptides, let us know what are peptides? These are the chemical compounds in which amino acids are covalently bonded to one another forming a chain like structure called peptides. In this linkage terminal carboxylic (-COOH) group of one amino acid is linked with the amino (-NH2) group of next molecule, thus (-CONH-) bond is formed which is called as the amide bond. These amino acids are called as the monomers because these are single unit and the entire chain is known as the polymer, where numbers of the monomer units are joined together.

On the other hand process of synthesis of protein is also same as these are also formed through the amide linkage but different arises in the number of monomer units. Peptides are formed by linking together up to 50 or less amino acids and when it comes about the synthesis of protein there are more than 50 amino acids linked together to form polymer structure. Peptides have great therapeutic use in the field of medicines and drugs. They work amazingly in regulating the function of body also by incorporating in the endocrine system of the body.

Metabolism of peptide in the body is also of short duration. These are used in the field of medicines very frequently as they have much significance associated with them. We all are aware of the fact that medicine ad drugs consumed by us leave drastically effect on the body by liberating the side effects. These not only act on the specific area or site but entire body gets influenced by their presence. In case of peptides we can take it as boon t medicinal field as these liberate minimum side effects in the body.

More over their activity is of very short duration in the body. In the process of synthesis scientists ad laboratory experts have not to go through the tedious synthetic mechanism but it is comparatively assessable and very easy to synthesize peptides. A form of endogenous peptides is used in the diagnostic procedure in the fold of health care ad medicine. Now we come to know about the answer of what are peptides? And what are their significances in the medical field? There are so many peptide drugs listed in the clinical tests, which will bring revolution in the field of medicine and diagnosis.

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