Cocaine Treatment For Teen and Adult – What is involved?

Teens, college students and adults can use cocaine and become addicted in three different ways. It can be snorted, smoked, or injected into the veins using a needle. All three ways absorb the chemical into the bloodstream and lungs. It is addictive and can cause severe health problems when used frequently.

Crack is another form of cocaine where users mix it with other chemicals to form crack rock. These rocks are smoked. Long term use of the drug can produce serious medical symptoms. It produces decreased appetite, nose bleeds, stomach pain, headaches, paranoia, weight loss, hoarseness, swallowing difficulties, anxiety, and restlessness.

It is an expensive drug to purchase and your child or someone you know may steal money or sell things to buy it. It produces a high and increased energy that is addictive to users.

When you suspect that your child or someone you know uses cocaine you must schedule or arrange an intervention to get them treatment. Cocaine users needs professional help to stop using the drug. A drug addiction treatment center should be contacted.

What Are Treatments for Cocaine? 

Contingency Management

These are programs that use motivational incentives to reward the person for not using drugs. These programs use vouchers when the patient succeeds and they earn points or chips that add up to a prize or reward. The prize can be a membership to a gym, free movie tickets, or gift card for dinner at a restaurant. These program works well with diverse groups of people and is used with other therapies.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy teaches new coping skills and new behaviors. It helps you to stop using the drug and find activities to replace it. Some rehabs a form of computerized CBT that has uses quizzes, games, and homework assignments. Most rehabs work with patients in groups to teach skills and behaviors to help patients to stop using cocaine.

Other Therapies 

Many teen facilities use different therapies to help family members or relation to stop using drugs Our treatment program has groups counseling where patients discuss their addiction with others and find ways to cope. They might have music and art therapy, behavioral therapy, individual counseling, medications, and one on one counseling with a drug counselor.

Medications and Drugs

There are several drugs used to treat other disorders that show promise for helping patients stop using cocaine. Some are currently used to treat alcoholism and research studies are being conducted on finding a drug for cocaine addiction. Often drugs are used in combination with our therapy programs.

Researchers are working on a cocaine vaccine that can reduce relapse once a person is treated. It stimulates the immune system to create cocaine antibodies that stop it from going to the brain. Those that participated in the trail studies reduced or stopped using cocaine.

Treatments For Teens and Young Adults 

A good facility treats teens and adults in a very safe environment allowing them to cope developing living skills and preventing relapse at their own pace. Some have a large staff of therapists, nurses, social workers, and board-certified psychiatrists that treat our patients.

Drug addiction treatment centers treats all types of drug and alcohol addictions. Remember that most people cannot stop using drugs without an effective treatment program.


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