Beer and Wellness: 5 Health Benefits You Get from Drinking Alcohol


A lot of times, most people will write and talk about the dangers and negativity of drinking alcohol. Although it’s not undeniable that there’s a lot of unhealthy effects from excessively drinking, everything about alcohol isn’t that bad.

Beer, Vodka, Margaritas, even Wine are alcoholic beverages. With a little discipline and proper approach, alcohol isn’t such a bad thing. Since you can find abundant articles on the web that only talk about the negative side of alcohol, here are some positive ones. Enjoy, drink moderately, and don’t drink and drive!

One Shot is Enough

Believe it or not, red wine has a lot of positive effects on the cardiovascular system. Research shows that a moderate serving of at least one glass of red wine contains magnesium, potassium, and other antioxidants that help the heart.

Antioxidants in general, help increase the levels of HDL or high density cholesterol that prevent buildup of plaque in the heart. HDL is also known as the “Good Cholesterol.” Again, with moderation, consider having a glass of red wine with your meals once in a while.

Beer kills Bugs

Although you may find it quite amusing that beer can actually help you fight off colds and bugs all throughout the year, beer can actually help. A study done by researchers in Salisbury found out that non-drinkers were two-three times much likely to catch a cold than those who drank. Beer also has antioxidants that help your cells fight off bugs that cause colds and other illnesses.

Beer also has a rich amount of thiamin and riboflavin. Thiamin helps the body convert carbohydrates into energy, as well as maintain healthy neurological functions because of its role in muscle contraction and nerve signal conduction. Although everything sounds good from here, health experts have cautionary advice for those who want to start drinking.

Always keep it to a minimum because excessive consumption of beer can lead you to be more susceptible to infections and illnesses.

Fresh breath from Vodka

Due to high alcohol content in vodka, gargling the hard liquor is equivalent to rinsing with mouthwash. Alcohol and bacteria don’t mix which is why vodka has a lot of antibacterial properties. The germs that are in your mouth left behind after eating are the things responsible for bad breath.

You may think that it’s a waste to gargle an expensive bottle of classic vodka, however, don’t fret. Any brand of vodka will be fine. You can add to the freshness by adding mint leaves or cinnamon to bring a more fresh take on your gargle.

Improves Libido

Excessive drinking is proven to have detrimental effects on sexual desire and libido. However, a study done by the Journal of Sexual Medicine, drinking a moderate amount of alcoholic beverages like beer or wine actually helps in improving your libido. According to the study, 25 to 30 percent of moderate drinkers have a reduced chance of developing erectile dysfunction.

Effective Stress Reliever

Almost everyone will agree that having a few drinks with your friends is an effective stress reliever. The stress relieving effects of alcohol does have a scientific basis as alcoholic beverages are mostly depressants. However, a moderate amount of alcohol can help you relax from every day’s pressures.

Imagine being able to sit and talk with friends, talking about anything aside from work while having a few shots. You can find cool shot glasses at Deal Wiki for more choices. Alcoholic beverages are good in keeping the spirits up when done entirely under moderation.


A lot of articles on the internet always talk about the negative effects of alcoholic beverages. However, it’s a scientific fact that beer and other drinks have a lot of health benefits. From being a good antibacterial mouthwash to improving your libido, alcohol does bring a lot of health benefits.

However, for those who want to start drinking because of the benefits, be warned. Always drink under moderation. Those who consume excess alcohol experience the opposite of those health benefits. Always drink in moderation and never drink and drive. Cheers!

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